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After eight years of trying, the Gardners were told that in vitro fertilization would give them a 40 percent chance to have one baby. What made them so sure things would work out? Their faith, Gardner said. His voice choked up as he said he gets emotional reflecting on it. Share this article. Facebook Twitter Tumblr Pinterest.

What is co-parenting?

See Comments. What do you think? Your Facebook name, profile photo and other personal information you make public on Facebook e. Learn More. Videos You May Like. We were already given the opportunity to Link to Existing Parents but we didn't choose that option before so why are we presented with this question again? You would select the previous Link to Existing Parents option IF both people are already in your file AND they are already linked to each other as a couple. The Individual's Information screen comes up. Notice that the surname Apple defaulted in.

We will need to change that. If we didn't know the child's other biological parent we could stop here but we will go ahead and highlight Cheddar Cheese and now click Add Mother. Did you notice that the button Add Father is now changed to Edit Father? After we click Add Mother we get a slightly different dialog box.

You are merely linking the two parents together.

9 Famous Parents with Two Sets of Twins

If they were not married you can easily mark them as such in just a minute. We are again presented with two options. Legacy will link those two existing persons as a couple. Remember, if both persons are already in your file and they are already linked to each other, you would have used the option at the very beginning to Link to Parents.


Here is where you can mark the couple as not having been married if you need to. After you click Save you are back to the Parents screen and now you can see both sets of parents. Also notice that I could mark these relationships as private or invisible if I needed to. If you go back to the Family View you will now see that the Parents icon has the number 2 and if you take your mouse and hover it over to the right of the Parents area you will see a bar appear that you can click to easily switch between the sets of parents.

How Verizon Media and our partners bring you better ad experiences

I want to go back to the Parents screen for a sec to point out something. You can mark either set of parents as Preferred. All that means is that when you are navigating through your file this is the set of parents that will be displayed in the various views. You can easily switch to the other set like I showed you in the last screenshot. Some reports allow you to show both sets of parents.

Two sets of Bloemfontein parents in court on rape charges

To change which couple is preferred, highlight the couple that you want to be preferred and then click Select. This dialog box will disappear but the change has been made.

Before I close out this article there are two situations I want to address. If the child was adopted by a close relative you don't want to give them two sets of parents for example, if the child was adopted by his grandparents. If you do, you will create an Endless Loop that will cause you problems when doing reports.

Instead, just leave them with their biological parents and explain the adoption in the notes or create an adoption event. The other situation has to do with step-parents. Ancestor and Descendant reports and charts are based on bloodlines. People write in all the time asking how they can get their stepchildren to display in their bloodline reports.

Support for Adoptive Parents – Geni Help Center

If you want to include non blood relations you have to trick Legacy a bit by giving these children two sets of parents, their biological parents and their biological parent plus the step-parent. You will need to designate the step-parent in the Child-Parent Relationship. I highly recommend that you leave the relationships blank for the biological parents and only designate the step-parent. I only mark the biological relationships in a non family member adoption.

This will keep your reports from being cluttered up with labels.